Peoria Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Criminal Statistics

According to the 2016 crime index summary published by the Criminal Justice Information Services Bureau under the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program, Peoria City law enforcement agencies recorded a net total of 4,059 reported offenses in 2016. These incidents comprised mostly of property crimes which accounted for over 90% of the total offenses with 3,709 reports combined.

A breakdown of the data revealed larceny to be the most popular property crime and offense in general with over 2,800 reported incidents. Burglary incidents were the second most common with 645 reports while reports of aggravated assault were the fourth most popular (after motor vehicle theft). The least recurring crimes were arson and homicide with 12 and 2 incidents in the entire year, respectively.

Criminal Records

The Arizona Department of Public Safety serves as the central repository of statewide criminal history information and as such, attends to requests for criminal history records and background checks. While the Peoria City Police Department is the main law enforcement agency of the city and provides a range of crime-related resources. All criminal-history related queries are directed to the state office.

How To Get Criminal Records

Requests for criminal history records and background checks are processed by the Criminal History Records Division of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. In compliance with the provisions of Arizona state laws, access to criminal records is restricted to authorized persons, prospective employers, and licensing agencies.

To obtain personal criminal history information or record review, requestors are required to contact the Criminal History Records Section of the department at (602) 223-2222. The requesting party will be provided with a Record Review Packet, which should be processed and returned to the department. Requests are processed within 15 days of receiving the query.

Prospective employers and authorized agencies may obtain criminal history information by submitting a processed fingerprint card to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
2222 W. Encanto Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
(602) 223-2000

How To Get Police Reports

The Records Section of the Peoria Police Department processes requests for police and incident reports, good conduct letters, and other resources generated by the Police Department. Interested persons can obtain any of these records by completing a Peoria Police Department Records Request Form and sending it along with the applicable fees indicated on the form to:

8351 W. Cinnabar Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 773-7098

How to Find Sex Offender Information

All information concerning sex offenders residing in the city of Peoria is housed on the Arizona Department of Public Safety's sex offenders registry. Interested persons may search for offenders on the registry by location, compliance status, or conduct. Information relating to the electronic identification of offenders is available on the registry. The platform also includes an Email Alert System with which Peoria city residents may opt to receive email notifications about offenders in specific vicinities.

How To Find Inmate And Jail Information

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office maintains an inmate roster for persons currently held in correctional inmate facilities within Peoria or the rest of the county. Interested persons may search the roster by the inmate name, date of birth, or their booking number. The Sheriffs Office also responds to other jail-related queries and inquiries on (602) 876-1000.

Court Records

Where and How to Get Court Records

The Peoria Municipal Court hears cases of misdemeanors, city and traffic code violations, injunctions and other cases within Peoria city limits. The court generates and maintains records relevant to its proceedings. To request court records, interested persons may query the court in person, by fax or by mail. Written requests should state the details of the case of interest including the case file number, date of filing, etc. Requests should be sent to:

10100 N 83rd Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
Fax: (623) 773-7407

Vital Records

Peoria records may be accessed at the state or county level. The Arizona Department of Health Services maintains and provides access to statewide vital records. Locally, vital records are co-managed by county health departments and county clerks. Peoria city vital records are maintained and issued by the Maricopa County Public Health Department and the Clerk of Superior Court.

Where and How to Get Divorce Records

Divorce records are maintained by the Maricopa Clerk of Superior Court and can be obtained by querying the office in person or via mail. To request a divorce decree, the requestor is required to prepare a written request indicating details of the divorce such as the name of parties involved, the date of filing, the judgment, and the case file number, including any custody or settlement arrangements.

The request may then be sent along with $ 0.50 payment per page of copy requested, plus $30.00 if certification is required. These may then be sent to:

Correspondence Section
Clerk of the Superior Court
201 W. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Where and How to Get Marriage Records

Records of marriages licensed by the Maricopa Clerk of Superior Court are maintained by the office. Interested persons may access these records by sending a written request stating the full names of the spouse, the year of marriage, and the license number of the certificate if known. The request, a payment of $37.50, and a self-addressed stamped envelope should then be sent to:

Correspondence Section
Clerk of the Superior Court
201 W. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Where and How to Get Birth and Death Records

In compliance with state laws, the Maricopa County Public Health Department only issues birth and death records to eligible requestors who must be one of the following:

  • The registrant
  • Parents or guardians of the registrant/decedents
  • Government and law enforcement agency staff
  • Legally authorized persons and legal representatives.

Eligible persons may request records by completing an Arizona Birth Certificate Request or Death Certificate Request Form. The completed application may then be sent along with the Photo ID copies and fees stated on the forms to:

Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration
P.O. Box 2111 – Phoenix AZ – 85001

Requests may also be made in person at any of these locations:

Central Valley
221 N. 16th St.,
Ste. 100,
Phoenix 85016

North Valley
423 W. Dunlap Ave.,
Ste. 110,
Phoenix 85021

West Valley
1850 N. 95th Ave.,
Ste. 182,
Phoenix 85037

East Valley
4419 E. Main St.,
Ste. 105,
Mesa 85205