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Difference Between Arizona Prison and Federal Prison

What is the Difference Between Arizona Prison and Federal Prison?

Prison facilities in Arizona are typically run by the state or federal government. State prisons are funded and managed by the state government, but the federal government operates federal prisons. There are disparities between these two prison levels in management, funding, location, structure, and inmates.

The most notable difference between the Arizona prison and the federal prison is the type of crime that commits an individual to be in either one of the two. An act that violates federal law is a federal crime. Parties that breach the state's constitution are guilty of state crimes. In defining what level of government a crime affects, the court will consider the following factors;

  • The crime location (whether within the boundaries of a state or across two or more states)
  • The entity affected by the crime; If the victim is a federal government employee on duty or a federal facility, the offense will be a federal crime, and vice-versa for state crimes.
  • The constitution violated (state or federal). Some examples of crimes that disregard the federal constitution are tax evasion and embezzlement of public funds, while crimes that breach state law includes murder, rape, and battery. Federal crimes tend to be white-collar crimes, while state crimes are violent.
  • The governmental agency involved in a crime; Crimes involving federal agencies such as the Postal Service perpetuating the crime will be a federal offense.

State prisons are under the administration of the Department of Corrections. On the other hand, the Federal Bureau of Prisons operates federal prisons. These agencies are also responsible for keeping all the relevant information on an individual committed to the facilities' care and providing an inmate locator service to access convict information.

Another disparity between state and federal prisons is the location of the prison. State prisons are within the boundaries of the state in which it operates. However, federal prisons are located in every state. State offenders are also confined within the state, but federal offenders can serve time in any federal prison in any part of the nation.

The Arizona Prison System

The Arizona prison system encompasses all facilities that serve to confine offenders, offer reformative measures for convicts, or safeguard the public. There are two types of holding facilities; jails and prisons.

Jails are temporary holding facilities used to confine persons for a short period ranging from a few hours to a year. The police department runs the city and the town jails, while the sheriff's office runs the county jails.

On the other hand, Arizona prisons are long-term holding facilities for severe offenders such as felony convicts, and these centers usually have offenders for periods greater than a year. There are 16 prisons in Arizona, all under the Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation & Reentry (ADCRR) administration, but not all are run by the same authority. ADCRR runs ten of Arizona's prisons, and private bodies oversee the remaining six based on the state government's contract.

Arizona's prison statistics captured on 31 August 2020 lists the total count of inmates under the care of its prisons as 39,153 people, with 269 currently out on parole. 35,279 of the prisoners are male, and the remaining 3,874 are female. The state's prison ethnic distribution is as follows: 38.8% Caucasian, 14.7% African-American, 5.5% Native American, 32.1% Mexican American, 6.6% Mexican National, and the remaining 2.4% are other ethnic groups.

How to Lookup an Inmate in Arizona

The ADCRR provides an inmate locator service through which interested parties can locate and retrieve information on an inmate in any 16 prisons in the state. This service is accessible online, on the public resources page. Using Inmate DataSearch is not free, and users must register. The inmate DataSearch does not display the date of birth of the inmates to prevent identity theft.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons also has a 'find an inmate' feature where parties can search for inmates using the BOP register number or the convict's name. The Arizona Department of Corrections also grants access to inmate information using inmate Datasearch.

Inmates in Arizona's prisons can receive money from friends and families delivered through money orders or checks sent directly to the facility holding the convicts. A prisoner can also receive money through an electronic deposit from one of the three vendors approved by the ACDRR; JPay, Keefe, and GTL. The vendors allow for a deposit to be made into the offender's account and then forward the inmate's funds. Other inmate related information or Arizona inmate records may be obtained by querying any of the prison facilities in the state;

Arizona State Prison Complex - Douglas
6911 N. BDI Blvd,
Douglas, AZ 85607

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Douglas
P.O. Box 3867
Douglas, AZ 85608-3867
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 364-7521
Main Fax: (520) 364-7445

Arizona State Prison Complex - Eyman
4374 East Butte Ave,
Florence, AZ 85132

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Eyman
P.O. Box 3500
Florence, AZ 85132-3500
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 868-0201
Main Fax: (520) 868-0276

Arizona State Prison Complex - Florence
1305 E Butte Ave,
Florence, AZ 85132

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Florence
P.O. Box 629
Florence, AZ 85132
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 868-4011
Main Fax: (520) 868-5333

Arizona State Prison Complex - Lewis
26700 South Highway 85,
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 70
Buckeye, AZ 85326
United States
Main TelePhone: (623) 386-6160
Main Fax: (623) 386-7332

Arizona State Prison Complex - Perryville
2105 North Citrus Rd,
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Perryville
P.O. Box 3000
Goodyear, AZ 85338
United States
Main TelePhone: (623) 853-0304
Main Fax: (623) 853-0425

Arizona State Prison Complex - Phoenix
2500 E Van Buren St,
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Phoenix
P.O. Box 52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2109
United States
Main TelePhone: (602) 685-3100
Main Fax: (602) 685-3111

Arizona State Prison Complex - Safford
896 S Cook Rd,
Safford, AZ 85546

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Safford
896 South Cook Road
Safford, AZ 85546
United States
Main TelePhone: (928) 428-4698
Main Fax: (928) 428-3235

Arizona State Prison Complex - Tucson
10000 South Wilmot,
Tucson, AZ 85734

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Tucson
10000 South Wilmot
P.O. Box 24400
Tucson, AZ 85734-4400
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 574-0024
Main Fax: (520) 574-7300

Arizona State Prison Complex - Winslow
2100 South Highway 87,
Winslow, AZ 86047

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Winslow
2100 South Highway 87
Winslow, AZ 86047-9799
United States
Main TelePhone: (928) 289-9551
Main Fax: (928) 289-2951

Arizona State Prison Complex - Yuma
7125 East Cesar Chavez Blvd,
San Luis, AZ 85349

Mailing Address:
ASPC - Yuma
P.O. Box 8909
San Luis, AZ 85349
United States
Main TelePhone: (928) 627-8871
Main Fax: (928) 627-6703

Arizona State Prison - Kingman
4626 W English Dr,
Golden Valley, AZ 86414
United States

Mailing Address:
Arizona State Prison - Kingman
P.O. Box 3939
Kingman, AZ 86402
United States
Main TelePhone: (928) 565-2460
Main Fax: (928) 565-7038

Arizona State Prison Florence-West
915 East Diversion Dam Rd,
Florence, AZ 85132
United States

Mailing Address:
ASP- Florence West
P.O. Box 1599
Florence, AZ 85132-1599
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 868-4251
Main Fax: (520) 868-4245

Arizona State Prison Phoenix-West
3402 West Cocopah,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
United States

Mailing Address:
Arizona State Prison-Phoenix West
3402 West Cocopah
Phoenix, AZ 85009
United States
Main TelePhone: (602) 352-0350
Main Fax: (602) 352-0357

Marana Community Correctional Treatment Facility
12610 W. Silverbell Rd,
Marana, AZ 85653
United States

Mailing Address:
Marana CCTF
12610 W. Silverbell Rd
Marana, AZ 85653
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 682-2077
Main Fax: (520) 682-2660

Central Arizona Correctional Facility
1401 East Diversion Dam Rd,
Florence, AZ 85132
United States

Mailing Address:
Central Arizona Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 9600
Florence, AZ 85132
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 868-4809
Main Fax: (520) 868-5370

Red Rock Correctional Center
1750 East Arica Rd,
Eloy, AZ 85131
United States

Mailing Address:
Red Rock Correctional Center
1750 East Arica Road
Eloy, AZ 85131
United States
Main TelePhone: (520) 464-3800
Main Fax: (520) 464-3899

Arizona State County Jails

In Arizona, county jails fill in as temporary facilities for detainees anticipating hearing or other court processes before the court gives final judgment. County jails and state prisons differ in the capacity of inmates the jail can occupy.

Arizona has around 69 city and county jails including; 27 city jails, 14 county jails, three county jail annexes, and 25 substation jails. In Arizona, the sheriff's office is in charge of county jails. The office also provides well-structured programs for the successful reentry of an inmate into the community.

The Arizona Department of Corrections provides general information concerning inmates in prisons and jails. Loved ones or members of the public seeking information about an inmate can send an email to, call (602) 364-3945, or in-state complementary at (866) 333-2039.

Records of inmates in jail are obtainable by visiting the county jail website where the inmate is currently serving. If an online inmate finder is unavailable, parties can call or visit the county sheriff's office to make inquiries.

There are various arrangements for family and friends looking to send money to an inmate in Arizona. Cashier's check and money orders can be sent directly via mail to the facility where the inmate is detained. The Arizona Department of Corrections permits electronic deposits from GTL, Keefe, and JPay. Money can be deposited in the inmate's account using these payment vendors via the website, mobile Apps, Walk-ins, or cash deposits in retail locations and phone calls.

How Does the Federal Prison System Work?

There are four federal prisons and two federal prison camps in Arizona. The Western Regional office manages the entirety of the state prisons. The four federal prisons are:

  • Phoenix FCI
  • Safford FCI
  • Tucson USP
  • Tucson FCI

Phoenix FCI

The Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix (FCI Phoenix) is a medium-security prison for male inmates situated in Phoenix with roughly 25 miles north downtown region of Phoenix. The facility has a satellite prison camp for female offenders with minimum security. Phoenix FCI is a four-housing unit that presently contains approximately 1,500 inmates. Inmates can participate in education and training programs to be accountable after jail time.

Safford FCI

The Federal Correctional Institution, Safford (FCI Safford) is a low-security federal prison for male inmates in Arizona, located around 130 miles northeast of Tucson. The United States Department of Justice under the Federal Bureau of Prison oversees Safford FCI. Here, inmates can work while serving time in jail, while the uneducated inmates undergo GED lessons.

Tucson USP

The United States Penitentiary, Tucson (USP Tucson) is the only high-security federal prison for male detainees ineligible for a low-security placement in Arizona. The Federal Bureau of Prison runs the prison facility. The prison also has a satellite prison camp for lower-security male inmates. Prisoners can also learn new skills, participate in sports, try out arts and crafts, and attend college courses and wellness classes.

Tucson FCI

The Federal Correctional Institution, Tucson (FCI Tucson), located inside Tucson city limits, is a medium-security prison for male offenders and an administrative center for male and female inmates. It is governed with strict restrictions by the Federal Bureau of Prisons for inmates anticipating trial or release.